My work, at its core, is concerned with the difference  between ordered, premeditated systems and dramatic or 'natural' expressive gestures. This is filtered through visual references to alchemy, technology, art and political history, music, literature and contemporary media.



Born in Inverness, Scotland 1977, lives in Aberdeen

BA Hons Grays School of Art 2001


2004 Brian Welch Prize
2002 and 04 Aberdeen Visual Arts Award
2001 Irvine Scholarship

Solo Exhibition

2004 “Matmos” The Chapel Gallery
2001 “Bremner77” New Space, Aberdeen
1997 (Untitled) Cafe 52, Aberdeen

Selected Group Shows, competitions and Festivals

2009 'Trust' Limousine Bull, Drum Castle, Aberdeen

2009 'Itchee Wasp at the Academy' Aberdeen

2009 'Itchee Wasp'Musa, Aberdeen

2008 'Peacock's Christmas Show' Aberdeen

2008 'Postcards & Souvenirs' Limousine Bull, Aberdeen
2007 'Art Of Giving' Aberdeen
2004 Austin Film Festival (Digital shorts section), Texas
2004 Loops, Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness
2003 -06 Peacock VA 'A5', Aberdeen
2003 Scottish Shorts (Abstract short section)
2002 “New Artists, New Media” Sunet gallery
2002 “ Superslick” Galerie Rue 75009 Paris
2002 “New Graduates” Aberdeen
2002 “ Aberdeen Artist” Aberdeen Art Gallery
2001 “Boiler Room” Kingsgate
2001 “Aberdeen Artists” Aberdeen
2001 “RSA Degree Show” Edinburgh
2000 “Northern Uproar, New art from the North” Inverness
2000 “Aberdeen Artists” Aberdeen Art Gallery

Mark Bremner